AAMCO Automotive Franchise FAQs


Is AAMCO a good franchise to buy?

AAMCO is one of the most forward-looking, recession-resistant brands in the $292 billion Auto Care industry. Widely known as the worldwide leader in transmission repair for over 60 years, AAMCO leverages technology, ongoing training and education, and overwhelming brand recognition to dominate the future of automotive repair as the industry shifts toward technologically enhanced vehicles.

Who started AAMCO Transmissions?

In 1957, Anthony A. Martino opened the first AAMCO Auto Truck and Repair. Martino partnered up with Robert Morgan and in 1962, they decided to officially franchise the concept. In 1963, they signed their first franchising agreement to open a location in Hackensack, New Jersey.

How many AAMCO franchises are there?

At the beginning of 2021, AAMCO had a total of 573 locations in the United States and Canada.

How much does it cost to open a new AAMCO franchise location?

The average investment ranges from $234,800 to $353,200. This includes the $39,500 franchise fee. Of course, local real estate costs can vary significantly. Your final cost for a new AAMCO auto repair franchise depends on whether you plan to lease, rent, or buy your location.

How do I qualify to open a new AAMCO franchise?

AAMCO Centers are locally owned and independently operated. We love working with passionate, driven leaders. All candidates need a minimum of $90,000 in liquid capital and have a net worth of at least $350,000.

How much do AAMCO franchises make?

While revenues and profits vary depending on a variety of factors, the average annual gross sales for AAMCO Center franchisees across the Operating Centers in 2020 were $713,092, which is 30% higher than general repair shops. A more detailed financial picture can be found in our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document. Contact us for more information.

What makes AAMCO different from other auto repair businesses?

No other auto repair franchise offers the combination of more than a half-century of brand strength with such state-of-the-art training and innovation for the future. From consumer recognition and loyalty to inventory buying power to proven profit margins, no brand offers franchisees a clearer path to success than AAMCO. Open an AAMCO Center with confidence that you’ll quickly become your community’s leader in total car care.

What do I get for my royalty payments?

AAMCO Royalties are calculated at 7.5% of total gross annual sales. This fee is used to provide AAMCO franchise owners with:

  • An experienced support team that stands behind you to provide the tools, technology, and infrastructure to run your business.
  • A time-tested successful business model that gives you confidence in operating independently.
  • Rights to use the iconic AAMCO brand that has been a household name for more than 60 years.
  • Marketing support to attract and retain customers within your market.
  • Continuing education including ongoing coaching, and specialized training.

Do I need to be a mechanic?

No automotive repair experience is necessary. You’re going to focus on building high-functioning teams, not transmissions. We do ask you have a passion for cars, customers, and community. Being a natural or trained leader is a plus too. Once the decision is made to become an AAMCO franchise owner, we provide a tremendous amount of proven business coaching and franchisee training to help you succeed.

How does AAMCO assist with training?

Franchise owners are continually coached and trained to ensure the success of their locations. We provide immediate training at AAMCO University, our state-of-the-art facility outside Atlanta, Georgia. As part of the AAMCO family, owners will receive our ongoing service and support. We provide updated systems and best practices, which are vital to succeeding in the dynamic, fast-paced field of aftermarket maintenance and repair.

What is AAMCO University?

Launched in 2014, AAMCO University is a state-of-the-art training facility in Newnan, Georgia. AAMCO university is broken into four parts: a school of franchise ownership, school of management, school of technical excellence, and school of franchise support. AAMCO University offers over 300 classes for franchise owners and their technicians. The campus features a high-tech garage where technicians learn the skills to repair electric and hybrid vehicles.

How Does the Icahn Automotive Group help AAMCO franchisees?

AAMCO franchise owners are first in line for referrals for complex car repairs from brands including Pep Boys, Precision Auto Tuning, and more. With more than 2,000 locations, Icahn Automotive Group lowers your inventory costs through its buying power across the nation.

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