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Vinay Gowda AAMCO franchise review

It has been very profitable and successful

Vinay Gowda AAMCO franchise review thumbnail
Vinay Gowda
KJ Singh AAMCO franchise review

It’s been a good ride, It’s been profitable for me

KJ Singh AAMCO franchise review thumbnail
KJ Singh
Frank Filacchione AAMCO franchise review

I would do it again

Frank Filacchione AAMCO franchise review thumbnail
Frank Filacchione

Testimonials from AAMCO Franchisees

Frank Filacchione

Jacksonville, FL

“Owning an AAMCO center has allowed me to enjoy my life and to really provide a great life for my two daughters. That’s the most rewarding part of this whole experience. I was able to take the time to leave at three in the afternoon and coach a ball game or see a school play.”

Ray Segalini

New Windsor, NY

“They have developed a state-of-the-art training facility and work hand in hand with the franchise network to continually improve the business model. If you’re passionate about people and have a love for cars, AAMCO is brand that will help you thrive.”

Kurt Wood

Salt Lake City, UT

“Our training platform at AAMCO University would have been unimaginable to me when I became an owner 25 years ago — it really is that advanced, and it keeps the entire system performing at an exceptional level across the board.”

Shina and Keun Kim

Rockville, MD

“AAMCO, as a name brand, is going to be around forever, and we would like our center to be around for just as long.”

Joseph Sergi

Pottstown, PA

“Once you leave AAMCO University, the executive team is still there for you. They do a great job in providing you with the answers you need. They’re very accessible, and they do want you to succeed.”

KJ Singh

Williamsport, PA

“The level of support has been excellent, and this is coming from a guy who owns multiple franchises. It’s a small community of people who are very, very skilled in their technical field. For the fees that we pay, I think AAMCO provides an excellent return on investment.”

Thomas and Rhonda Scott

Tulsa, OK

“There will always be a need for automotive repair services, even in tough economic times. The economic recession came a few years after we opened our doors, but we always remained confident in our decision, and our business remained open while other local independent shops were forced to shut down.”

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