Transmission Franchise Opportunities: What’s Profitable & Why

Cars are one of the top prized possessions we own. Cars having meaning. They are an expression of who we are, they are all about comfort and convenience and freedom to go anywhere at any time. But let’s pump the brakes a minute. Face it, cars are machines and at some point, they will break down. It’s inevitable. It’s also profitable.

The global automotive aftermarket industry is thriving. Valued at $324 billion last year with anticipated growth of nearly four percent through 2028, according to the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association, it is a stable and lucrative investment. Especially considering the average age of cars on the road right now is just over 12 years according to IHS Markit. People are hanging on to their cars longer either due to improved vehicle quality or a tough economy with soaring new and used car prices.

Regardless, it means investing in a car repair franchise is astute. There are many possibilities out there to choose from. But if you are looking at your best options, go for repairs of big-ticket items like car transmission franchise opportunities.

Advantages of a Transmission Repair Franchise

Several ways to look at the advantages of vehicle transmission franchise opportunities. First, right now new car inventory is not what it was pre-pandemic because of the computer chip shortage, and factory slow-downs. As demand goes up, so too does price. Kelley Blue Book says the average price of a new car is $45,031. Mathematically, it makes more sense to put down a few thousand in repair for transmission re-build on your older model vehicle than to buy a new car.

Economically, as we discovered during the pandemic, car transmission franchise opportunities are a safe investment because they are considered essential. Which means no matter what the economic outlook is, people will need car repair, because they must have reliable transportation.

Those brands with advantages over the competition are diversified, providing total car care and they are innovative — keeping up with the rapidly progressing car industry.

Plus, there are tremendous advantages partnering with a franchise. Becoming a franchisee means you get the best of both worlds; you have the benefits of ownership with the security of a support system and brand recognition. When it comes to a car, consumers want to have repairs done with a trusted brand name that’s been around a while and is keeping up with the latest automotive advancements.

What to Look For

Industry analysts say the major services to look for as you examine the business opportunities include franchises that focus on total car care from transmissions to tune-ups. Other necessary services that generate good profits include suspension or struts and shocks, heating and cooling systems, brake repair and replacement, and alignment.

AAMCO Franchise Opportunity

Here at AAMCO, we offer these and so many more valuable services to ensure a safe driving vehicle for our customers. AAMCO is an auto repair shop franchise with a trusted name, known best as the leader in complex car repair and as a leader among transmission franchise opportunities. We’ve been around more than five decades, building a name and reputation that our customers have come to trust.

As an AAMCO franchise owner you will benefit from the AAMCO name while providing the latest state-of-the art advanced auto repair services in your community. You and your staff of repair specialists will receive the highest technological training.  Our training opportunities build your technicians skill sets, providing valuable educational opportunities for them. While you as a franchise owner gain important franchise business training to help run your shop efficiently and effectively.

We are always looking for passionate people to partner with. If you are interested, the total investment to open a new AAMCO auto franchise ranges from $223,600 to $330,500. This figure includes a $39,500 franchise fee, as well as the costs for equipment, training, leasing a property, and other items. Franchise candidates should have a minimum of $60,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of at least $250,000 to get started.

If you would like to learn more about opening a profitable car repair franchise, request information to get your free franchise information report.

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