Automotive Franchises: 5 Reasons They Drive Success


The automotive industry attracts a wide range of individuals, from those wanting to work with cars to those intending to open their own business. The latter group of entrepreneurs has a variety of options at their disposal, but franchising is one avenue that continues to offer increasing value.

Automotive franchises have their own specific characteristics and niches, but there are a handful of reasons why an aftermarket automotive franchise makes so much sense in the auto industry. Let’s break down the top benefits that attract entrepreneurs to this industry and model.

Everybody needs to take care of their car.

When the pandemic hit, a lot of people went without a haircut. Car care was a much different story. Even with fewer drivers on the road, the need to keep cars running smoothly – especially for essential workers – made total care indispensable.

In other words, automotive franchises are often recession-proof. Yes, when the economy is tight, some motorists may, unfortunately, ignore the “check engine light” for longer than is wise or drive with screeching brakes maybe a little longer than they should. But generally, auto repair is about as essential as a business as you can have.

In fact, the auto repair business often booms in hard times. As websites such as Investopedia have noted, “in tough economic times, people are less likely to purchase a new car. Instead, they’ll repair their old car.”

Cars last longer.

It’s no longer uncommon for a vehicle to run for 200,000 miles or more. That’s a good thing for automotive franchises, in good times or bad. People are more likely to spend the money to maintain their current vehicles, trying to stave off that day when a brand-new ride will need to be purchased.

When you buy an automotive franchise like AAMCO, you are buying into a business in which many of your customers are very serious about keeping their cars running well, benefitting both their automobile and your bottom line.

Auto repair franchises allow you to have a life beyond work.

Owning an AAMCO Center gives you more control over your career. Most AAMCO locations, like many auto garages, are open during regular work hours Monday through Friday and closed on the weekends, although some may stay open Saturday morning until noon or 1 p.m, depending on market demand.

An auto repair franchise is a business that provides you with the work life balance that so many families desire. Our franchisees are hard workers who are involved in the day-to-day operations; however, we also provide them the tools necessary to build a business that can thrive in their absence when needed. You can raise a family and go on a weekend camping trip, and assuming you run your franchise like a well-lubricated transmission, you’ll probably even find some time to take a few more vacations than before.

You don’t need to know everything about cars.

Sure, it helps to have a knowledge of the industry, but your main responsibility is to run the business operations and manage the talented staff of technicians AAMCO is known to attract. The important thing is that you are business-oriented and enjoy running a business and can handle tasks like meeting payroll and managing your staff.

The power of a brand will empower your business.

One reason franchises are a savvy career move is the brand strength, reputation, and growth. As a franchise’s footprint grows, so does brand recognition.

With more than a half century of proven history and consumer trust, even those who have never been to an AAMCO probably recognize the name and the quality of our total car care service.

When you start your own business independently, especially if it’s one in auto repair, you have to start from scratch to build a customer base and trust in the community. Working with a franchise allows you to do the same but with a built-in foundation of support and consumer trust.

In fact, that’s the power of working with the support of a national brand such as AAMCO and why many people like franchises in general. Drivers know and trust the AAMCO name, making them more likely to bring their cars over to your automotive franchise for their complex auto repair needs.

To learn more about the benefits of owning a total car care franchise with AAMCO, fill out our form to request more information today.

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