The AAMCO Franchise Story

Since 1957, AAMCO Has Built a Reputation in Complex Automotive Repair

AAMCO is one of the world’s best-known automotive brands. New franchisees benefit from the recognition that comes from decades of success in the industry and the trust of 45 million customers. Here’s what makes our transmission franchise so special:

An Iconic Brand is Born

In 1938, Oldsmobile developed the first line of cars that featured automatic transmissions. By the 1950s, the automatic transmission was the popular choice for many cars.

Working in Northeast Philadelphia, a respected technician named Anthony A. Martino decided to invest in his own business. In 1957, Martino opened his first AAMCO Auto and Truck Repair. By quickly asserting himself as the go-to mechanic for transmission repair, he soon had more work than he could handle.

Road to Success

In the early ’60s, Martino noticed that brands like McDonald’s and Holiday Inn were starting to franchise. As the interstate highway network grew, traveling consumers wanted their “favorite brands” everywhere. Martino saw the same potential for his own company. However, he lacked the business background to do it. Enter Robert Morgan.

Morgan was a World War II veteran who ran a ballroom dance studio. Morgan and Martino became partners, and both decided that Martino’s success in Philadelphia with specialized transmission repair could do well anywhere in the country. In 1962, the pair decided to officially franchise the concept. In 1963, they signed their first agreement to open a transmission franchise location in Hackensack, New Jersey.


Shot in the early 1960s, the first AAMCO commercial featured movie star, Zsa Zsa Gabor. AAMCO’s award-winning ads made the company a household name. “Double-A-BEEP-BEEP-M-C-O” became one of the most memorable slogans in history.

More than 45 Million Served

AAMCO’s reputation as the most trusted transmission franchise brand continues to grow. We won national trust with our nationwide warranty program. Since our founding more than 60 years ago, AAMCO now has nearly 600 locations and has serviced more than 45 million cars.

Own an AAMCO Automotive Repair Franchise

As proud as AAMCO is of our legacy, we’re even more excited about our future. Our focus is our franchisees’s success in this $292 billion industry. Because of the vision and investments made by our executive team, AAMCO is perfectly positioned to dominate the complex car repair market.

Ready for the Future

The future of car care is complex. From new hybrids to second generation electric vehicles, consumers need a trusted source to handle the technical problems of today’s cars. AAMCO is successfully leveraging our 60 years of leadership in transmission repair, technical expertise, and brand recognition to make every AAMCO automotive franchise the #1 customer choice for complex car care.

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