Franchisee Testimonials

Franchisee Testimonials

Our incredible franchise owners bring their drive and passion to succeed. AAMCO backs them up with brand recognition, built-in repair referrals, and a significant investment in training and technology. Own an AAMCO franchise and we’ll do everything we can to make you thrive.

Ever wondered what it would be like to own the recognized leader in automotive repair? Hear first-hand with the franchisee testimonials below.

Vinay Gowda, Multi-center Franchise Owner

3 AAMCO Centers | North Carolina

“The best thing about owning an AAMCO is the flexibility and return on investment. I’ve seen both of those in a matter of four years. Two things I was looking for when I was looking for a franchise to open. What really grabbed my attention was the AAMCO name brand, that was number one and two the reputation locally.”

Wayne Martella, Multi-center Franchise Owner

3 AAMCO Centers | Arizona

“What I like about AAMCO and the transmission business is that as cars evolve, any power that happens in the car has to go through transmission to the tires to make the cars go,” Martella says. “I will always have cars to fix. To make the wheels turn, there has to be a transmission involved, and that’s us.”

Kim Johnson, AAMCO Franchise Owner

1 AAMCO Center | California

“For Kim Johnson, who was a Jazzercise instructor and stay-at-home-mom before she became one of the most successful owners in the AAMCO franchise network, the ability to be associated with AAMCO has been personally and financially rewarding. After running her business for over 13 years, she hopes her son will take over her AAMCO Center — and she credits AAMCO for the ability to pass on her successful business from one generation to the next: “My husband and I would be so proud if our son continued this business after I retire,” she says. “It’s become part of our plan to make this a legacy business. It makes me extremely proud to think that my business started with zero sales, and we’re now having our best year ever. AAMCO, as a name brand, is going to be around forever, and we would like our center to be around for just as long”

Lou Fizzarotti, AAMCO Franchise Owner

1 AAMCO Center | New Jersey

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