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No Automotive Experience Necessary

You don’t have to be a mechanic to become a franchise owner. We want to partner with dedicated professionals who have a passion for the brand and the business sense needed to succeed. We’ll back you up with brand recognition, built-in repair referrals, plus significant advantages in coaching, training, marketing, and technology.

Here are the must-have AAMCO franchisee qualifications:

  • Business & Leadership Background
  • Committed to Community
  • Passionate about Cars & Customers
  • Desire to Leverage Technology
  • Ready & Willing to Learn
  • Minimum of $90,000 in liquid capital
  • Net worth of at least $350,000

AAMCO Centers are locally owned and independently operated. Our most successful franchise owners build businesses that make a difference in their communities. They love meeting and serving people. They’re natural or trained leaders who take full advantage of the training and resources we offer.

“Owning and operating an AAMCO is much simpler than you might think,” says Kim Robinson, Director of Franchise Development with AAMCO. “Our ideal candidate is someone with entrepreneurial drive. We want people to take the skills that they’ve learned over decades and apply those skills inside AAMCO. Our training and support are among the most comprehensive in the entire industry. We have a real-estate team to help you find your location, we have a four-week training session at AAMCO University, and then we send a business coach to join you for the first five weeks in your new business to quicken the ramp-up time. Beyond that, we have ongoing coaching and support available to you. If you have a dream of business ownership, AAMCO is a brand that can provide a great quality of life and allow you to be a leader and serve your community with integrity, passion and expertise.”

World Class Brand. World Class Franchisee Training.

Once you become a franchise owner, you and your technicians will spend time at AAMCO University, our state-of-the-art training facility near Atlanta. You’ll learn from seasoned franchisees and AAMCO leadership about key performance indicators for your business, growth strategies, quality control, building and leveraging community contacts, and leading a team. If you’re a multi-unit owner, you’ll also learn strategies for managing multiple locations and optimizing results within a market.

Complex Car Care Training

AAMCO University campus features a high-tech garage and the hands-on training employees need for today’s cars. Your technicians will master the ins-and-outs of transmission repair, CVT transmission repair, powertrain repair, plus they get the expertie needed for electric and hybrid vehicle repair.

For Kim Johnson, who was a Jazzercise instructor and stay-at-home-mom before she became one of the most successful owners in the AAMCO franchise network, the ability to be associated with AAMCO has been personally and financially rewarding. After running her business for over 13 years, she hopes her son will take over her AAMCO Center — and she credits AAMCO for the ability to pass on her successful business from one generation to the next:

“My husband and I would be so proud if our son continued this business after I retire,” she says. “It’s become part of our plan to make this a legacy business. It makes me extremely proud to think that my business started with zero sales, and we’re now having our best year ever. AAMCO, as a name brand, is going to be around forever, and we would like our center to be around for just as long.”

Veterans: Get an AAMCO franchise. Get an $8,000 credit.

AAMCO is a great investment opportunity for veterans. We like working with people who thrive in following solid systems with excellence. We want those who know how to lead, and how to persevere. AAMCO is a longtime supporter of our armed forces. We have taken aggressive steps to help those veterans who have been there to help us.

  • AAMCO is a member of VetFran, an initiative encouraging veterans to transition into franchising. We currently provide an $8,000 franchise fee credit to any veteran who purchases a new AAMCO franchise. This is among the highest veteran discounts offered in franchising.
  • AAMCO is a registered SBA franchise. Veterans may qualify for automatic approval of an SBA loan to help start their business.

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