Car Detailing Franchises v. Total Car Care

If your entrepreneurial spirit is revving up to purchase a franchise, there are many different options. To help you steer your decision in the right direction, let’s compare two different avenues for entering the automotive aftermarket – car detailing franchises vs. total car care franchises.

Car Detailing Franchises

Car detailing franchises are a popular option in automotive business. Their services can include anything from car washes, restoration, leather care, paint touch-ups and aftermarket installations like radios.  Experts say car washes, for example, are part of a multi-billion-dollar industry. But does your investment earn you the best opportunity for profitability?

Start-up Costs and Overhead

If you were looking to invest in a franchise opportunity for car detailing, you could look at initial start-up costs ranging from as little as $7,000 to upwards of $460,000, depending on building costs, location, and fees from franchisors. Overhead to maintain automated facilities are considered relatively low, as are labor costs. But while it is relatively affordable to open car detailing franchises, there are several factors that affect your revenues.


Estimates put profit for owners of car detailing shops at about $75 thousand annually. While Americans love their cars and always want them to look shiny and showroom new, car washes and detailing operations can be greatly affected by several variables. Consider the weather, for example. Cold and rainy weather conditions and seasonal climates can greatly affect your bottom line as a car detailing franchise owner.

Most importantly, think about this.  When our personal budgets and/or the economy takes a dive, we let go of certain “extras” that are not necessities, like making sure the car is washed. Afterall, while driving your car though an automated car wash is convenient; washing, waxing, vacuuming, and dusting the car is something most of us can do with a bucket and a sponge using a little elbow grease and a taking a little time on a Saturday morning. Consider that when deciding on a lucrative franchise option. Look for a franchise that lessens uncontrollable variables which can affect your bottom line. Instead, consider a more reliable, high-demand option.

Compare Those Factors with Total Car Care

That other choice is a complete auto repair franchise like AAMCO. Unlike grabbing the garden hose to wash the car in the driveway, when we look over at the car’s dashboard and see the check engine light go on, for most of us, that’s not an easy fix. It means we need the help of an expert to maintain our car and keep it running. A car is a major investment and if you had the choice, keeping it efficiently running on the road trumps shiny exterior any day. It’s luxury versus necessity.

Complex car repair is a lucrative industry, at AAMCO, we are industry leaders in transmission repair in a booming industry. The U.S. auto repair industry is estimated at $67 billion annually.

AAMCO – The Better Franchising Option

There’s only one worldwide leader in transmission services and total automotive repair and that is AAMCO. We have spent decades building consumer trust and loyalty. The reputation of our brand is valuable to our franchisees. When you open your doors to your new business, you have several advantages, such as your community already knowing where to take their vehicles for complex car repair.

Americans are also hanging on to cars longer. The average age of cars being brought into our AAMCO shops are 11-13 years old. Cars are expensive investments that need to last, and we have the know-how to get the job done right.

Another advantage to becoming an AAMCO franchisee is that the automotive industry is changing so rapidly that leaders in complex car care are the best positioned to anticipate and react to new trends in automotive technology. AAMCO has prepared for the radical shift in automotive repair. Cars are high tech with digital options and computer programs. Now there are hybrids, electric, and self-driving vehicles on the road. AAMCO is making significant strides toward becoming the only brand capable of fixing them.

Crunching the numbers, AAMCO is worth the investment. Depending on the real estate site selected, franchisees can expect the total investment to be $223,600-$330,500.

So, if you’re asking why the AAMCO automotive franchise over car detailing franchises? We are the leading transmission expert, we enjoy enormous brand equity, because of decades of consumer trust and enormous growth potential. We are a legacy brand keeping up with the changes in the industry. That’s what keeps us on top.

With nearly 600 centers across North America, AAMCO is actively seeking single- and multi-unit operators who are passionate about the brand and committed to providing the highest-quality service. Sound better than a car wash? Request Info about becoming an AAMCO franchisee.

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