AAMCO Franchise Owner Helps Family After Cancer Diagnosis

Transmission franchise owner makes the news for doing the right thing for a family in need

AAMCO, the worldwide leader in transmission and complex car repair, is lucky to have some of the most passionate and driven franchisees in the industry. One of the reasons AAMCO has been successful over the past 55+ years is the direct result of our franchisees’ involvement in their communities and their commitment to share their success with the people who need it most.

We’re tremendously pleased to report that one of our franchisees, Rob Sanchez, who owns an AAMCO Center in Plant City, Florida, recently went above and beyond to help a family struggling with a brain cancer diagnosis.

NBC-affiliate News Channel 8 reported on Sanchez’s good deed in a recent television segment on their nightly news program.

“The owner of an auto repair shop in Plant City quietly made an invaluable impact on a family that’s recently experienced heartache,” the news outlet reports. “A woman in the family, who wishes to remain anonymous, was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, NewsChannel 8 is told. To make matters worse, the van they had hoped to use to transport the woman to and from the hospital for care broke down. When it was discovered the van required a new transmission, family friend Doug Killian knew exactly who to call.”

That call was made to Sanchez, who didn’t hesitate to help the family for free, completely waiving the cost of upwards of $2,500.

“I felt really bad for them and I just wanted to help out,” Sanchez tells the NBC Channel 8 reporters. “When somebody is terminally ill and they have nothing but problems, me being part of the community, I just wanted to help out.”

The news outlet reports that the repair was completed last week and Sanchez is yet to meet the family.

“When something makes you feel good, you just want to do it. And that made me feel good, so I wanted to do it,” Sanchez explains. “It wasn’t even a question about it. Just wanted to make sure the family gets the help they need.”

We encourage you to watch the entire video and read the accompanying article by clicking here.

“Just a story to remind us there are good people in this world,” the article states.

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